The Western Region IR-4 is managed by the Field Office, the Quality Assurance Unit and the Analytical Lab.  In addition, there is a State Liaison Representative of university extension personnel for each state in the region.

Field Office

The Field Office serves as the focal point of communication between stakeholders in the region and the national program and coordinates research trials for food and ornamental crops.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance unit is responsible for ensuring field residue trials and sample analysis are in compliance with the EPA’s Good Laboratory Practices, the Study Protocol and facility documents.  This is accomplished by inspecting field, processing, and laboratory critical events and reviewing the generated data.

Analytical Lab

The Analytical Lab is responsible for the receipt, processing, analysis and long term storage of the field samples received from the various research trials within the IR-4 program.  Upon completion of the analytical phase, the laboratory prepares a final report called an “Analytical Summary Report” for inclusion into the submission documents send to EPA for registration evaluation.

State Liaison Representatives

IR-4 has a State Liaison Representative (SLR) for each state and some territories in the US.  These are university extension personnel who have direct interactions with growers and other stakeholders with pest management needs.  


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